There are 5 main criteria I suggest you use when deciding on the right life coaching certification program.  Part of building a successful business is deciding on the right credential.

First things first, you absolutely need one.  To watch the full discussion about the 4 big benefits of a certification, read this post.

This is a common question for people just starting a coaching career or people who are looking to add another skillset to their current business.  Considering these 5 things will make the decision easier.

Ask yourself these questions…

1) AM I COMMITTED TO BECOMING A COACH? If you’re not truly committed to becoming a life coach, then it doesn’t matter what program you choose because you won’t finish it.  Make sure you’re 100% in before making the financial commitment.

2) DOES THE PROGRAM TEACH THE TOOLS I NEED?  Most certification programs are valuable, provided they’re actually going to give you the right techniques you ultimately want to do the kind of coaching you are committed to.

3) DOES IT FEEL RIGHT?  Of course there are a lot of intellectual things to think about, but make sure you trust your gut.  Too many of us are distracted by our minds and don’t listen to our hearts.  Your certification program should resonate with your intuition.

Recently, I decided to offer people an actual coaching experience with the methodologies all of our coaches use, to help you decide if you’d like to learn how to incorporate them into your coaching toolbelt.  To experience our Neuro-Transformational Coaching process, book a free call here.

4) ARE THERE HAPPY CUSTOMERS?  We obviously want to know the program is legitimate and will deliver what it promises.  One of the best ways to know that is through social proof.  Check the success stories for the details of what you want out of the program.

5) DOES THE PROGRAM TEACH GENERAL COACHING CONCEPTS?  It’s not enough to just have specialized skills.  You must understand the overall coaching process and philosophies enough to be able to utilize your skills.  A good certification program won’t leave that out!

For information on my online Neuro-Transformational Coaching(TM) program called Breakthrough Coaching Certification, go here.

Let me know what you think, whether you agree, disagree or think I’ve left something out.  I look forward to supporting you however I can.