Increase Your Coaching Certainty, Competency,
Confidence and INFLUENCE

To have a successful coaching business nowadays, you have to be a GREAT COACH, somebody who has the competence, confidence and certainty to help people actually change their embodied behavior patterns, not just their mindset and will power. (those changes are temporary at best)

You must understand human psychology and behavior at a deeper level than most coaches do, who are only equipped to tell people what to do intellectually, rather than help them truly shift the deeper beliefs and patterns that cause a long lasting breakthrough in people's results.

Once you embody that level of coaching certainty, the results can be staggering.

Do I Even Need a Certification to Be a Coach?

Legally, no.  There isn't a legal entity in the coaching market that controls what level of competency you need and what curriculum you must learn.

To impress potential clients with your certificate or credentials, no.  They don't care.  They want results in their life, not a coach with a shiny certificate.  And, if you tell them where you got your certificate, they don't know what the letters mean anyway because they are not coaches

To attract clients by being a GREAT COACH, ABSOLUTELY.  You need to go through a certification program for your SKILLS, not for your credentials.  Clients will hire you when they believe you can help change their life, not when they research the institution that gave you the certificate they don't care or know about.  

I have coached thousands of people, so I'm answering this question from EXPERIENCE, not theory.  I have been asked if I have a certification and where it's from by maybe 10 people.  They weren't coaching prospects, they were other coaches interested in comparing credentials. 

Not once has a potential client ever asked.  Ever.  What they care about is your abilities to understand and change their behavior.  

Sean Smith is a polished trainer and a master at empowering people to overachieve in all areas of their lives.  I hire him for my workshops to bring his expertise about coaching and breaking through your limiting beliefs.  He's one of the most dynamic, fun and energetic presenters you will ever meet

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Co-Creator, The Success Principles


I have seen more than 4000 speakers and coaches in my time and there are very few that leave me in awe like Sean Smith. I've watched him heal people, transform people and liberate people in just minutes.  He's an agent of transformation.

Lisa Nichols, Founder & CEO, Motivating the Masses, Author of No Matter What and Abundance Now


I paid $5000 and $7500 for 2 other coach training programs and honestly I have learned more from Sean Smith's BCC Coaching Certification program which is literally a small fraction of the cost. I highly recommend his training and have used his strategy more effectively with my coaching clients.

Daniel Figueroa




Everything has shifted for me. I’m literally not the same human who started this journey.  When I first showed up, I was uncertain, lacking clarity, and not sure what “being a life coach” meant or if I could do it.  Now, I am committed, taking action and 100% all in. I’m blessed to now be in this work full-time. I’m overwhelmed to the point of tears frequently.  I used to believe that I could never win. That I would never figure out my purpose, let alone be living a life totally in alignment. It wasn’t that long ago.  

The most valuable thing is this tribe.  The dope, loving, transformational, tribe.  The world class support system. Sisters and brothers who have my back, challenge me on my stories, ask deep questions that shift my beliefs, hold space for me to transform, see me (really SEE me) and love me harder, support me, and call forth the greatest from me with so much love.  

  • My marriage is better
  • My friendships are deeper
  • I’m walking in my authentic truth
  • I’ve learned how to stop the internal abuse and punishment
  • I trust myself at the deepest level
  • I KNOW I’ve got me
  • I’m not afraid of me anymore
  • I’m pulled by purpose
  • I’m committed at the highest level

This work changed EVERYTHING for me.  And I mean every single thing.

Michelle Moore, Mauldin, South Carolina


I have obtained more information from just the 1st module than I have the other 5 courses I have taken prior to this one - two of which were from BIG named gurus.  

[Update] I’m 4 modules in, and I have learned so much in the last week it pisses me off I didn't get this a year ago when I first saw you on YouTube.  For what I spent on my first certification I could have paid for both of your courses and still had money left over.  Because of what I have learned over the last week I was able to get through my fear and do my first Life Coach Video on YouTube.

I have become a new man.  I have confidence, self esteem and energy like I have never possessed.  You are such a great teacher and your honesty, sincerity and passion shows in your lessons. I have finally found the mentor I’ve been looking for. I truly believe you’re ahead of your time.

[Update] Since doing this course I have a ton of certainty in what I am now doing. I have been working on coaching car salesmen by visiting car dealerships and talking with the sales manager. I was just offered a speaking gig for 3 weekends at different dealerships for $11,000.  Before BCC I never would have had the balls to ask for $11 grand.  In fact, the first time I walked onto the lot, I literally vomited and went back home!

Oxford Nordberg, Palestine, Texas


What is "Neuro-Transformational Coaching™?"

What most people need to make long lasting change is not intellectual, emotional or logical. What needs to happen is a neurological shift in our bodies.

Our minds get almost all the credit for behavior change, therefore nearly all coaching is focused on the mind. Of course it's important to include the mind, but it's not sufficient to only focus there. When humans try to make mindset changes, the fuel they have to use is will power, which is not a sustainable energy, nor is it very stable. When we're tired, sick, malnourished, lethargic, emotional, or "off center" in any other way, our will power drops. In other words, our minds lose some of their control and our bodies take over.

Neuro-Transformational Coaching™ incorporates numerous coaching, leadership and healing methodologies to serve the entire spectrum of human behavior and being. As coaches, you will always be restricted in your ability to help clients if you're not able to address ALL the ingredients that combine to form our behavior...

  • Beliefs
  • Programs
  • Values
  • Emotions
  • Attitudes
  • Perceptions
  • Thoughts
  • Addictions
  • Temptations
  • Drivers
  • Embodied traumas

What is Embodied Transformational Coaching?

"All attempts at behavior change are futile if you don't address the complete human." ~Sean Smith

This course will give you the understanding, awareness, tools, exercises and confidence to create massive changes in people's neurology, allowing them to make long lasting breakthrough shifts in their lives, instead of constantly wrestling with their behavior patterns.

What MOST Coaches REALLY Want

Most coaches get into this business because they want to help people. You probably experienced the same overwhelming relief that I did the first time YOU were coached. That was it for me. I was hooked right then and there and I knew with certainty that this is what I was put on Earth to do. But I was a neophyte. I didn't just need knowledge, I needed EXPERIENCE. I needed to practice it, see it demonstrated, experience it for myself and immerse myself in the work. And even then after years and tens of thousands of dollars in coaching and training, I needed clients. Then I really discovered just how powerful this work was.

People were entrusting me with their lives, their deepest secrets, their most intimate details and at that point I needed confidence in all of the knowledge I had amassed. Now I KNOW the power of what I can do. It took me 10 years to get here and my goal in training coaches is to give you the foundation of that confidence. I am not going to lie to you - this is a long process and confidence does not come without experience but in my training method you will find an immersive experience that will arm you with the tools you need to serve.

Sean Smith is a master teacher on principles of peak performance and emergent leadership. His life-strategies are quick to absorb and easy to put into action! Sean is the real-deal and a inspiration to us all. I've been around a whole lot of coaches, but never seen anyone who can free people from internal fear, pain and limitations like Sean can. The immediate transformations I've witnessed him create in people are nothing short of mind-blowing!

Tony Magee, MS, MBA, "The Destiny Doctor®" Author, Can't Shove a Great Life Into a Small Dream

But the Problem Is...

Along with focusing almost entirely on the intellectual (ego) process of coaching, our coaching industry has for some reason decided to make coaching certifications a commodity and then convinced a lot of people that the certification itself is what you need to be successful as a coach.

And then, marketers who smell blood in the water have created so many "one-size-fits-all", "turnkey", "fast track" approaches to getting certified as a coach, appealing to our microwave short-cut mentality toward success. If that appeals to you...


(and me)

I believe in the fundamentals of human behavior, the value in the journey toward self discovery and the foundations of personal and business growth. I believe our society needs transformational coaching leaders to help us heal our chaos and separation, which all starts with individuals. I believe this work heals ALL relationships in ALL areas of humanity - romantic, parental, sibling, business, cultural, religious, spiritual, gender, generational, etc. - and most importantly the relationship with self.

If you are interested in joining our growing tribe of phenomenal coaching & personal development geeks, people who are fully committed to changing their own lives and helping others change theirs as well, then I look forward to serving you inside our BCC community.

I was dubious upon signing up because of how low the price is.  Then, I dove into the material - mind is BLOWN!  Seriously, I am wading through material on the INLP website - and struggling with content there - while Sean has such a GIFT for instructing. I am happily sailing through this material. It is AMAZING!!!

Cathleen Conley, Torrance, California


BCC was one of the most valuable learning experiences of my life and I think anyone interested in personal development will greatly benefit from the expansive and impressively thorough material in this course

Michelle Merkau, Marine City, Michigan



Be. Do. Live. This is my personal motto. Amazingly simple. Immensely powerful. Before losing my father to pancreatic cancer, his final words to me were... “BE who you can be. DO what you can do. And LIVE a good life.”


Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Founder - Elite Coaching University

At the age of 13, Sean was nearly killed by his next-door neighbor while riding his bicycle to school. His entire philosophy on life changed and he made a promise to himself that no matter what happens to him, he will never settle for mediocrity and live a life of regret. 20 years later, he experienced the power of personal development as a life coach helped him make a transformational shift in his personal and professional paths.

Today, Sean has one of the most successful personal development and coaching businesses in the world, having generated millions of dollars and serving tens of thousands of people around the world by teaching the success principles he loves. He has spoken and trained across the globe, including certifying hundreds of coaches in his own brand of Neuro-Transformational Coaching™. He has authored over 1,000 articles, audios and videos on every aspect of human behavior, leadership and personal development and has appeared on all major television networks. In 2013, he was named “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker”.

But more important than any of the money and awards and accolades, he is happy and joyful to say that he has the marriage and family life he always dreamed of, but didn’t think was possible for him. He has been married over 20 years and has two teenage children with his wife Cybil. He declares his most powerful accomplishment along this journey is that he has effectively been able to slow his life down and stay present inside of every sacred moment on the planet.

Sean’s mission is to help people live their lives with purpose, passion and presence as they aggressively pursue their scariest goals and dreams. He lives and teaches the motto inspired by his father's final words to him... “BE who you can be. DO what you can do. And LIVE a good life.”

About Elite Coaching University

Elite Coaching University is Elite Success Systems' coaches training and certification arm that is committed to serving professional coaches in their passions. Through training, digital products, coaching programs, events, and certifications, Elite Success Systems is a trusted resource for organizations, individuals, entrepreneurs and life coaches looking to improve education, organization, motivation, communication and outcomes. With a focus on empowerment, leadership, integrity, truth and excellence, ESS is dedicated to transforming lives.

CEO and Founder Coach Sean Smith’s mission is helping people break through pain, doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs to realize their best selves, and live their lives with purpose, passion, fulfillment and presence. Sean thrives on seeing, celebrating and facilitating transformation and growth.

Through the Elite Coaching University, Elite Success Systems has built it’s own international coaching community with certified Neurolinguistic Programming experts and I.G.N.I.T.E. breakthrough coaches dedicated to providing personal and business growth to inspire and transform others. Sean’s main focus areas are Personal and Professional Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Speaking Skills, Sales, Goal Setting and Life Coaching.

Thank you for having the courage to walk out your purpose and for giving me permission to do the same. Thank you for being bold and authentic and transparent. Thank you for choosing your values and integrity over dollars. I'm truly honored for the opportunity to work with you as one of your coaches. This is something that I have dreamt about and to see that it's coming true makes my heart overflow. You've taught me the tools to change my life. Because of that, my marriage has changed for the better, my self esteem is higher, and I have the courage to show up in this world as the real me. Thank you. A million times over. I am forever grateful.

Michelle Moore, North Carolina

What MOST Coaches Struggle With

Confidence. Period. End of story. Don't take your responsibility lightly. You may have knowledge. Knowledge is not confidence. You may have training. Training is not confidence. Confidence is in seeing, doing and experiencing transformation in yourself and others. This is not a conceptual training environment. Until you are transformed in this work - you cannot know what transformation looks like. Join me and transform so you can transform others.

I'm REALLY enjoying the content of your course. It's already improving the quality of my coaching and I've only finished module 3!

Hafsah Adham, Confidence Coach, London, England

Why Certification?

Certification is not a requirement. Certification is a tool. Certification is a step toward confidence. Certification means you are committed to your craft and your continuing education. I have a wall full of certifications and each one played a role in elevating my craft. Get certified - but don't stop there. Seek out different types of certifications from different teachers so that you can be the best coach possible. But I caution you to choose wisely.

Sean has a very special gift of explaining things to people in such a clear way. I have learned a lot from him. … Thanks a bunch for all that y'all do to help people grow forward.

Sandy Lyle, Magnolia, TX

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Online Training Coursework Includes:

*The above images are for visual purposes. ALL content in this course is delivered and consumed digitally. There are no physical products included in your purchase.

Neuro-Transformational Coaching

  • Foundations of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Tenets of Transformational Coaching
  • Sean's 5 Targets of Transformation

Coaching Strategies

  • The Essential Coaching Foundation
  • 5 Components of a Successful Team
  • Keys to being a Successful Coach
  • Easy-to-Follow Transformational Exercises

Learning the Language of the Brain

  • How the Brain Functions
  • 4 Stages of Learning
  • 5 Meaning Filters
  • The Language of the Unconscious Mind
  • 6 Layers of Human Emotion
  • Clear Compass of Communication
  • Language of Specificity

The I.G.N.I.T.E. Framework

  • Sensory Acuity
  • Creating Instantaneous Rapport
  • Internal Representational Systems (IR)
  • The Importance of Leverage & Permission
  • 16 Components of Commitment
  • 10 Essential Environments
  • Understanding Behavior Patterns

BONUS #1: "The Confident Coach" Audio Collection ($297 Value)

The number #1 reason, BY FAR, that coaches struggle or eventually fail is confidence.  When YOU are the product, the sales & marketing game completely changes.  If you can’t win the confidence battle, building a coaching business will be nearly impossible.

In this program, you'll learn…

  • How & why confidence is the biggest obstacle for you to overcome
  • The difference between self-confidence and self-esteem
  • How to gain your confidence from a never-ending resource
  • The one mindshift that removes 97% of all coaches’ fears
  • Why and when marketing is the absolute WORST thing you can do
  • How to project your confidence onto your prospects

BONUS #2: "Attract and Identify Your Seeker" Marketing Guide ($97 Value)

Clarity in your marketing energy and efforts is critical.  You've likely heard so many people talking about your target market, ideal client, or niche.  But when you make the simple shift from who you are seeking to who's seeking you, you'll notice how much easier sales & marketing become.

Even when people try to identify their ideal clients on their own, they rarely go deep enough to generate the kind of attraction necessary in a world full of marketing noise.  This is the same marketing guide that Sean uses as the FIRST STEP with his VIP clients who pay anywhere from $7,000 to $25,000 for our business coaching.  If you are serious about creating a successful business, this resource is a MUST!


Just tell the world that there is a guy in Poland who understood what it means and how to to be a real coach only after doing the BCC online training (after having done two extensive ICF certified live courses.  The content as a whole of course is what I paid for - and it is so valuable!  But the way Sean is able to speak to us, to coach in random situations, is incredible. And the way he motivated me to practice, to be the coach in real life, to share, to help other people, to not keep my knowledge for myself only because I am afraid to be rejected - that was so POWERFUL.

Witold Kulczycki, Warszawa, Poland


I'm loving this more than I ever expected. The more I listen and re-listen I just want to sit and cry tears of joy for God bringing me here.

Brenda Woodford-Siebert, New Lebanon, OH


I cannot say it enough: I am beyond grateful and happy to be part of this unique, cool online-course.  I've bought MANY courses, but most of them I didn't finish, just because I felt it was either boring, not really valuable or just stupid. But yours is definitely a perfect match for me. You delivered so much content, so much in-depth training with so much passion and love and light heartedness. It’s just outstanding! In my opinion it's one of the best ones out there..!!!!!

Bea Jucker, Baar, Switzerland


Sean's content is absolutely life changing!! He makes it easy to understand and apply! I would highly recommend his program to anyone that wants to achieve more in life and add quality to anything they do!

Chenelle Thibodeau, London, Ontario, Canada


Or Pay 3 Easy Installments of $197


This is my fundamentals course. It creates a baseline for my Elite Coaching Certifications. I will teach you the fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the tenets of transformational coaching. I teach how the brain works and how it functions unconsciously. I will explain how it processes information and how we can start to re-program it to release us from our deepest limiting beliefs. The Breakthrough Coaching Certification is a prerequisite for my other coaching certifications programs.

You have taught me that I DESERVE SUCCESS and I HAVE STRENGTHS THAT HAVE BEEN THERE ALL ALONG. I'm finally acting on those beliefs & MY CALENDAR'S FULL!

Audrey Debski, Nampa, ID

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