Check out what Coach Sean’s clients are saying!

“Sean Smith is a polished trainer. His passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious. He’s a dynamic speaker and a master at empowering his audiences to overachieve in all areas of life.”

Jack Canfield
“Sean Smith is a master teacher on principles of peak performance and emergent leadership. His life-strategies are quick to absorb and easy to put into action! Sean is the real-deal and a inspiration to us all. I’ve been around a whole lot of coaches, but never seen anyone who can free people from internal fear, pain and limitations like Sean can. The immediate transformations I’ve witnessed him create in people are nothing short of mind-blowing!”
Tony Magee, MS, MBA, - The Destiny Doctor, Author, Can't Shove a Great Life Into a Small Dream

Thank you for saying yes to me and taking a chance, thank you for having the courage to walk out your purpose and for giving me permission to do the same thing. Thank you for being bold, thank you for being transparent, thank you for saying yes to yourself and thank you for not settling. Thank you for choosing your values and integrity over dollars.

Sometimes I struggle to find the appropriate words to express my immense gratitude for you. I’m truly honored for the possibility to work with you as one of your coaches. This is something that I have dreamed about for a few years and to see that it’s coming ever closer to fruition makes my heart overflow.

I imagine (from the things you’ve said and things you haven’t said) that the journey hasn’t been and possibly still isn’t always easy for you, but you keep putting yourself out there so beautifully and authentically and you keep fighting for others to fight for themselves.

You’ve taught me the tools to change my life. Because of that, my marriage has changed for the better, my self esteem is higher, and I have the courage to show up in this world as the real me.

Thank you. A million times over. I am forever grateful.


Michelle Moore

Sean’s content is absolutely life changing!! He makes it easy to understand and apply! I would highly recommend his Program to anyone that wants to achieve more in life and add quality to anything they do!

Thank you for everything that you do Sean!!!

Chenelle Thibodeau
I’m in a mental health training all day today. What I realized is counselors and psychiatric care has its place. But the skills sets I learned from Sean over 5 days has helped me serve so many people, even some who have been to professionals with no resolve. Why cope when you can get free? Why hurt when you can be healed?”
Billy Council
Sean, This course is awesome, thank you! Your passion for personal growth and for helping others grow is inspiring. I love the practical tools and insights. Now, it’s time for me to get to work. I’ll be continuing to dive into the practic activities with my partner-coaches and plan to keep moving forward toward certification. My goal is to have my test and video submitted by the end of the month. TY again for what you do!
Jed Jurchenko

Passion. Purpose. Power. Practicality.

Raw. Real. Results.

Inspiration. Investment.


Sean delivers transformational influence to those who are ready and hungry for going deeper. Investing in his programs and personal coaching services are really an investment into YOU. Believe that you are worth every penny because you are.

After working with Sean for just a few months, I have experienced a level of joy and energy that was missing before. I work with a newfound freedom to be authentic and real. I no longer doubt myself when setting boundaries and saying no to things or people.

For so many years I would achieve victory after victory – courts of sharing, courts of sales, pink cadillacs, unit clubs and triple stars only to feel a sense of emptiness…..but not any more!

Sean has helped me break through so many of the disempowering “Mary Kay-isms” that were preventing me from living and leading in complete JOY and authenticity!!!

Only hire Sean if you LOVE yourself and want the BEST for the people you lead.

Kimberly Otto

“This is the best coaching method & material out there! I have been through many coaching programs. This by far was the richest & most valuable. Understanding the principles & laws that you taught us about what governs human behavior, has been the key in being able to change directions midstream & still arrive at a good conclusion in the sessions. You were right when you said that we just have to be 1 step ahead of our clients to coach with them, and I believe that everything I learned puts us all at least 3 steps ahead of most people. This was an awesome program. Thank you for everything!

Mondre Wright

“The benefits of learning this work shows up daily in my interactions with my friends, family and colleagues.So very thankful for you Sean Smith because without you these connections would not have been made. God couldn’t have chosen a better person to be the vessel that delivered this purpose to so many of us. The seed was already planted but you provided the water it needed to grow. Cant imagine the full heart you must have knowing all the lives you touch through this work. I recommend this program and community to everyone! Ok, end of gushy rant. Just wanted to speak my heart. Thank You!!!”

Carrie Elfert