Do you really NEED a Life Coach Certification to have a successful business? It’s a very common question. Especially, if you are in transformational coaching or NLP coaching, the answer is absolutely… NO! And YES!

After over 12 years in the transformational coaching industry, I’ve been in this certification conversation many, many times and I want to clarify it for you. It really comes down to the value of a certificate vs the value of certainty. There is no legal board in the coaching industry so you don’t need a certificate legally to open up a business, which is partly good and partly bad. But even though you don’t legally NEED a certification, you should absolutely have one so you become a good coach who can attract the right clients. A good certification program will give you 4 main things…

1) PROFESSION – Let’s face it, it feels great to get a nice certificate after putting in a lot of hard work to increase your skills. And it’s FUN to celebrate the certificate if you go through the program with friends. It’s also congruent with our traditional thinking about building a career to first get certified, then start your business. The level of pride you’ll have in getting certified is a critical component to certainty, which I believe is the #1 marketable trait to have.

2) PROCESS – A good certification program will give you a very clear, proven coaching process to follow. One of the most common challenges new coaches have is that they don’t know what to DO with their clients. If you don’t know what to do with your clients, it’s going to be impossible for you to illuminate a clear path and create the trust necessary for them to hire you.

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3) PROJECTION – Most people are so focused on the challenges they are having dad-to-day, minute-to-minute, that they can’t see the possibilities in their future. As a skilled coach with a clear process, you can project the possibilities for your prospects, where you help them imagine their new reality after your coaching process meets their commitment. For my consultation guide to increase your sales, go here, click here.

4) PRACTICE – Finally, you must practice. There’s no arguing the fact that the only way to increase your confidence and certainty, you have to practice. But the practice needs to be intentional. A good certification program will set up specific techniques to practice so you can isolate and increase your confidence in the individual coaching muscles before you go out and try to practice the whole coaching experience. I believe wholeheartedly in this isolation philosophy that my certified coaches who deliver coaching for our company brand must practice for dozens of hours with each individual coaching process before they start putting them together.

A good certification will also give you a way to connect with other students going through the program so you’re not just practicing on people out in the world who are not interested in coaching, with the same awareness you have during the practice phase. And finally, a good program should give you some access to more experienced coaches that will help you move along quicker with their advice and suggestions. In summary, if you want to be as successful as possible as a transformational life coach, you MUST get certified in my opinion and experience. But it’s not to impress people with your shiny framed certificate or the letters after your name, it’s to impact them with your high level of certainty, skills and confidence.

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