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      Spring Healing - Audio

Spring is a time of rebirth and transformation; a time of hope and possibility.
Healing is defined as the process of making or becoming sound or healthy

In this season, I am encouraging you to not only do a “Spring Cleaning” for your home, but do a “Spring Healing for your soul. You’ll hear all about what that means on this month’s call.

Healing is a term I never used to use, but over the past year and a half, I’ve been using it all the time. What I am super passionate about is changing our connotation of the word “healing” in society and in how it relates to personal development.

Heal is the root word of health and when I think of healing, I think of being whole. In society, when we think of healing, we tend to think of the absence of pain and the avoidance of anything negative. But, by this definition, healing has become more of a numbing out of what we don’t want to feel. The problem with that is, if we make it our goal to mute our negative feelings then we’re also muting the positive ones. In our attempts to rid ourselves of the pain of humanity, we’re also getting rid of our sacred experience of humanity, which is one of our greatest gifts while we’re here on this planet.

Society thinks that healing is done by taking some medication or doing some activity that reduces or gets rid of the pain, but in that choice, we’re simply preventing ourselves from feeling it. We’re not getting rid of the pain and we’re not getting rid of the problem, we’re simply ridding ourselves of our experience that there is a problem.

If we get rid of our experience that there is a problem, not only does that not solve the problem, it often makes it worse.

The problems that we typically acknowledge aren’t the actual problem, they are the symptoms of the problem in the form of the pain we’re experiencing. In our commitment to making our pain go away, we don’t look at it, we don’t listen to it, and we don’t experience it. This is dangerous because then the actual problem continues to fester, going unchecked, unrestricted, unchallenged and it can poison our lives and poison our experience on this planet without us doing anything about it.

If we truly want to experience what is possible in the area of healing, we must be willing to explore the actual problems. We can heal just about everything and we can clear just about everything instead of resigning ourselves to cope with it. I have never met a human who cannot be healed. But, I meet plenty who choose not to. In making that choice– in our unwillingness to heal– we are choosing to not experience our self. I don’t know about you, but my mission on this planet was not to be born and then avoid myself until the day I die. The greatest lie of humanity is that our enoughness is based on external conditions and believing this lie causes us to chase conditions for the rest of our lives until we have struggled enough and we open ourselves to the possibility that there is a different way.

Healing is not a thing we do. Healing is the result of the thing we do. This journey of personal development is not about becoming anybody else and it is not about trying to attain something that you don’t have. The journey of personal development is unbecoming everything you’re not and settling back into yourself so that you can re-become everything that you are.