As entrepreneurs, it’s critical to understand self motivation. There will be times when you don’t want to do anything. You are both the one motivating and the one being motivated; if you feel lazy, depressed, scared or whatever, you’re probably not going to be a very good motivator. You’re likely going to let yourself off the hook. That would be fine, if it only happened occasionally. The problem is, it becomes a pattern.

As a result, it becomes more difficult to get back in motion. When you set the precedent that this business gives you a ton of freedom – so much that you don’t need to do anything – you’ve created a problem. Nothing gets done, so nothing gets achieved, and you cycle into a negative spiral. And this can happen whether you’re working your business full time or part time, because the business does give you freedom.

There’s no rule for how to motivate yourself. There are no secrets. What works for me might not work for you. What’s missing for most people is the willingness to do the self work; really look at yourself as an individual and figure out what will work for you. You are the business, and it cannot grow beyond your personal capacity.

Other people’s stories are not meant to be copied, because you’re not a copy of them. We are all unique individuals. There will never be a one-size-fits-all template that will work for everyone. Don’t disrespect yourself by searching for one.

You cannot know yourself without being willing to touch all the corners of your soul.

Your biggest lessons are wrapped up in the emotions you probably don’t want to experience because the emotions are not comfortable.

Yet it’s highly valuable to experience life at the edge of your comfort zones.

If you’re willing to do that, instead of asking how to get over a certain generalized fear, the question should be, “how can I handle this specifically in my life?”

A really powerful thing to understand is what motivates you. There are only 2 operating motivators: pain & pleasure. You are motivated by one or the other, depending on the situation and circumstances.

Pain avoidance is a motivator, as pain is something we generally don’t wish to experience.

Pleasure seeking is a motivator is when you have a desire to experience something.

Here’s an example of each as monetary motivators:

• if you are working to get out of debt, you are avoiding pain
• if you desire to build a college fund, you are seeking pleasure

Another difference is that pleasure motivators are set in the future while pain motivators are based on the past. That distinction is important to understand because pain you’ve experience in the past lives in your body. It’s real. And pleasure in the future can only be imagined.

When you try to motivate yourself towards something in the future, it’s not a real experience. This explains why many people aren’t motivated towards their goals.

Whatever you are trying to experience is theory. So every goal you have is theoretical. As such, you have to convince your mind what it will feel like. There are lots of ways to do that, envisioning, journaling, role playing, using affirmations, etc… but the brain is skeptical. It doesn’t care about future promises, it thrives on real experiences. So, if you have a theoretical target but a real fear, your brain is clear on the fear but not on the goal.

However, there’s no need to get discouraged. You can play with motivation and find what works for you:

1 – pain motivators do work, but they are temporary. use them to get yourself in motion, then tap into pleasure…
2 – when it comes to pleasure, you must find the thing that motivates you constantly and has no end date (thus it can’t be a tangible goal, because that’s an end) such as fulfillment, joy, energy, legacy, etc.…

In other words, find what your soul was designed to do (HINT: it’s bigger than your business!). What does your soul desire to do?

It usually requires someone else to help you find this, because you must get out of your conscious mind and tap into your unconscious. If you’re sabotaging yourself, then you haven’t found your soul’s obligation. When you do, you’ll stop sabotaging yourself.

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