In direct sales, recruiting is the life-blood of your business.  Learn how to create duplication and leveraged income with this R.E.C.I.P.E.


To get yourself in the right mindset for recruiting, understand all you’re really doing is realizing in your heart that you have something special to share with people and it comes wrapped up in a product or service and a business opportunity.  


Relax.  Don’t recruit with desperation.  So many people get caught up on their words needing to be perfect, or presenting themselves the “right way,” etc.  Your greatest chance of yielding a positive response when recruiting is to come from a place of service and giving the gift you have to offer. 


Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is excitement that comes from your core, so it lasts longer, is more stable and gives you a magnetic quality.  Enthusiasm grows from belief in the products and/or services you provide plus the passion you have for helping others with the business opportunity.   It’s a great ingredient for recruiting.


Care.  There is no substitute for truly caring about people.  If you truly care about people, they will know it, and they will be open to what you offer.

Put your own personal agenda aside.  Show you care by having a genuine interest in others’ goals and dreams.  Your opportunity has the potential to provide this and you can show them how.


Invite.  Invite people to the next step, nothing more.  If you’re just meeting someone, it’s inviting them to give you their name and number so you can follow up.  If they’ve already been contacted, you can invite them to a weekly meeting, get on a 3-way call,  or watch a video, etc..  Invite people and then let them decide.  


Practice. When you get into action by consistently inviting people with relaxed care and enthusiasm, you get good at it.  Momentum comes when you take action and it allows you to stay in action.  By inviting over and over again, you’ll get good at it.  “It is better to begin with fault than to hesitate perfectly.”  You will never get good at anything by hesitating.  Stay real & authentic and stop worrying about what to say or how they might respond.  

Practice does not make perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist, but practice makes permanent.  It allows you to create a habit, which leads to duplication and leverage in your business.


Enjoy.  I live by the phrase, “Enjoy the Journey,” and it’s an important piece of not only your business, but your life.  You can’t enjoy your business when you have expectations of others, so release those expectations and let them decide.    If you focus on fun & fulfillment, people will want to follow you.   

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