Making personal empowerment a daily endeavor enables you to do what your business is about – ultimately help yourself and others gain freedom.  The following 6 tips will help you live in an ENERGY of empowerment:


Express – There’s nothing that mires us more than unexpressed energy; repressed feelings, thoughts and emotions – both good and bad – become blocked energy.  Expressing those things creates motion, which is what you want.  Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions towards yourself or other people need to be expressed, and it’s important to use an empowering avenue to do that. We teach a method called the Total Truth Letter, to allow you to engage your feelings and release them. You write the letter, but then choose whether or not to give it to the person. Simply expressing your feelings often helps the situation, allowing you to see and react to things differently. On the positive side, when you express your happy thoughts, feelings and emotions, you energetically attract more of that in your life, too.


Nurture – Take care of yourself and be gentle with yourself to ensure you are living in positive and empowering energy. The Mirror Exercise is a great tool you can use to love and appreciate yourself, which is often the nurturing we seek from others and rarely give ourselves. The mantra "I love myself, I am gentle with myself" is one I learned from Jack Canfield and is helpful when we feel like we are falling away from exactly that. It’s a good mantra to use when you notice you are beating yourself up or not taking care of yourself. It forces you to stop doing those things and start showing up as gentle and loving, which is effectively empowering.


Engage – Energy is always greater when combined, so engage with other people to increase your energy. Engaging in activities can empower and energize you as well, especially activities that interest you and/or bring you joy. The opposite, disengaging, is the act of stopping all flow of energy, so it’s not what you want to do in order to feel empowered or energized, except when you’re disengaging with people or things that bring you down energetically.


Responsibility – 100% responsibility for your life and actions is what we teach, because it keeps you from being a victim and allows you to be empowered. Even when things happen to you that may appear "out of your control," you can control how you react, and that is where you can claim responsibility and choose not to be a victim. You can also take responsibility for your energy even when you are around people who usually drain you or make you feel disempowered. Take a moment to imagine yourself surrounded by a fountain of water, and that water protects you with a forcefield, of sorts, allowing negative energy to flow away from you, rather than impact you.


Generosity – When you give, you open yourself up to receive. Giving of your resources, time, talents or even finances is an energetic flow, and empowers you to receive the same – often in greater quantities than when you give. It’s important to be generous in your spirit of giving, too – meaning, you must give without the expectation of getting anything in return. If you have an expectation of getting something when you give, then it’s not truly giving.


Youth – No matter your age, you can engage the power of youth by looking at things "through the eyes of a child" in order to empower and energize yourself. If you’re doing something you’ve done a thousand times or more, you can always take a step back and look at it from the perspective of it being the first time. You might notice things you could do differently, and it will give you more energy, too. 


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