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The Inner Game of Health & Nutrition

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Re: The inner game of releasing weight for non-health gurus taught by a non-health guru…

I’m not a health nut, I don’t work in the fitness or nutrition industry full time, and no matter how hard I try, I don’t love kale salad.

If you are also NOT in the fitness industry, keep reading.  You might need a new approach.

No disrespect whatsoever to people who are full time in that world, they really really know their stuff, AND sometimes their perspectives, beliefs and disciplinability are a wee bit different from mine! :-/

I haven’t found sustainable success because I don’t see the world the same way they do, so I often beat myself up because I can’t just follow the plan.  I do well short term, fall off the wagon, get frustrated, eat a couple donuts (er, boxes of donuts), and I’m on to the next program a few months later.

Sound familiar? 

Q: Is it even possible for most of us to lose weight and actually keep it off?  For almost everyone, that answer is YES, it’s possibleBut not the way most of us are currently doing it.

For most people, losing weight is simply a battle of will power vs. habits.  And guess what?

Habits always win.

Here’s a sample of what this process looks like with a woman from the program…

      The Why Exercise

Will power is a limited resource and eventually, it runs out.  Whether it’s normal stress, responsibilities from juggling all of our roles, sickness, injury, negative moods, emotional triggers (the most common and dangerous will power destroyer)… Your will power will always fail you at some point.

Think about it… “will power” is the power to say “I will”.  While that’s a very empowering thought when we’re emotionally drunk and motivated, very quickly it turns into a “maybe I will” and eventually “Nah”.

This isn’t unique to weight loss, it’s with ALL habit change.  If you’ve been struggling with your health, nutrition & exercise goals, it DOES NOT mean you are…

  • lazy
  • undisciplined
  • not serious
  • dumb

It just means you’re NORMAL.

But wouldn’t you agree that it’s so easy for our minds to throw those judgments at us when we fall off the wagon?  And what I know to be 100% true is that negative judgments like that will NEVER help.

Sean Smith

So, who am I?

First, let me tell you who I’m NOT.

I’m not a personal trainer.  I’m not a health guru.  I’m absolutely not a certified nutritionist.

I’m a life coach.  I help people make deep internal shifts from within so they can change their habits in all areas and, get this, sustain the change.

See, any immediate behavior changes based on the fleeting force of will power have very short lives at best.  But that’s what most people are seeking – the quick fix, magic bullet, microwave success.  And that’s why…

Nearly all diet attempts fail because they are doomed from the start.

They don’t align with human behavior change.  Some of the reasons nearly all diets actually fail include…

  • They focus on the eating rather than the eater
  • They pretend it’s easy to just follow a simple program

  • They are based on restriction, not restoration

  • They are based on education about food, rather than education about self

  • They are focused on quick results, not sustainable results

  • They program us to be dependent on the “rules” instead of independent

  • They are based on “needing” instead of “wanting

  • They do not address the root causes of emotional eating

  • They do not address subconscious eating patterns

  • They do not empower people with choice, they disempower people with rules

  • They are not exciting nor enjoyable, therefore normal people can’t wait to get off them

  • They increase compulsion, tension and temptation, rather than decrease them

  • They are not based on sustainable behavior change, only fast behavior change

  • They are dependent on extrinsic will power, rather than intrinsic why power

  • They use the same principles that cause the problems to try to solve them

  • They don’t increase people’s hope that anything can actually change

  • They are general one size fits all’, instead of taking the individual person into account

  • They appeal to people’s vanity desires, instead of vitality desires

  • They engage the wrong parts of the unconscious mind in the process

  • They do not engage the very emotions that are needed to succeed

  • They are focused on results and recognition, rather than process and progress

That’s the short list.

Let me talk about that last one.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, the human mind does not do well when it’s solely driven by results.  The unconscious mind actually rebels against that.  Yet, nearly all diets (and goal setting methods in general) use this doomed approach.

I’ve been studying the unconscious mind for over a decade now, 100% focused on why we sabotage ourselves and what changes we need to make in order to release those sabotage habits.  Here’s what I’ve conclusively learned when it comes to our eating habits.

It’s NOT about nutritional information.

We don’t fail at anything because we lack information.  We all know the basic principles of weight loss and nutrition.  But why don’t we DO what we KNOW?

It’s about the INNER GAME.

Most of us constantly wrestle with our behaviors above the surface.  Even if we know about the existence of the inner game stuff below the surface, most of us don’t know how to navigate it.

This is what I want to teach you.

If you are going to have any chance at creating a sustainable change in your behaviors around eating, health & nutrition…

You must understand these 6

main behavior change concepts…

  • How to actually break emotional attachments to food, eating and weight (so you can cake non-emotional nutrition choices)

  • How your unconscious identities are in complete control of your eating (and how to get control back)

  • What your 5 main eating decisions are – why, how, when to start, how much, when to stop (and how to change them)

  • What your hidden eating drivers are – the reasons you’re eating (this will probably blow your mind, and is the main shift that needs to be made for most people)

  • The 16 Components of Unconscious Commitment (and how to align them in your favor with your weight goals)

  • How to De-Construct unhealthy habits and Re-Construct healthy habits (you won’t actually be building new habits as much as you’ll be reclaiming old ones, which is easier)

Why is this program different?

(#5 is most important for YOU)

Here’s What You Will Get from Weight Loss for Normal People…

  • Reprogram your brain to have CONTROL over your health & nutrition habits
  • Break your emotional attachments to unhealthy food
  • Decrease or completely remove your unhealthy food cravings
  • A proper way to set goals that are aligned with your drivers so you stay committed
  • Break the old habits that no longer serve you and create new healthy foundational habits
  • Freedom.

So, you’ve read this far…

Are you ready to make a significant
shift in this area of your life?

If the answer is no, that’s totally fine.  I don’t have the power nor the desire to talk you into changing your life.

But if you’re willing to commit, I can help.

And I also will not be adding a bunch of false scarcity bonuses worth thousands of dollars to get you to say yes.  I’m not interested in your shallow ‘yes’, I’m interested in your commitment to change the game.

I won’t drag you.  I won’t seduce you.  I won’t scare you.

I will only invite you.

Program Structure for

“Weight Loss for Normal People”

  • Weekly, LIVE video coaching sessions with me through the holiday season – 12 modules on the inner game of weight release.

  • Access to all archived sessions so you can watch or re-watch on your own time
  • Implementable exercises to support you between calls & cement the behavior changes
  • Online support group full of like minded people in the same boat as you
  • Exclusive Q&A laser coaching sessions for this group only, separate from the weekly calls
  • An optional 30-minute private coaching session with one of my certified master coaches for only $25 (as opposed to the normal rate of $100) to help you answer any of your individual questions that are not covered to your satisfaction in the program

Program Starts Monday, Oct. 8th

But if you don’t join in time, or if you miss any of the live calls, you can catch the replays anytime.

Special Scarcity Bonuses

If You Act Immediately!

“But that’s not all!”

“For the next 3 people who buy…!”  

“There are only 19, 13, 107, 4, 2, 1 1/2 spots remaining (in my online program with unlimited capacity)!”

Ugh.  Stop it with those already.

I’m tired of these hype driven, bullsh*t scarcity tactics designed to get people to open their wallets.  And so are you.  If you’re not a Hell Yes, don’t join.  I’m not interested in Jedi sales techniques.

When you say yes, MY JOB STARTS.  Therefore, I’m not going to try to talk you into it.

Your “Special Bonus” is a more empowered and higher quality of life, whatever that means to you.  I won’t give you an extra set of coat hangers or more programs to overwhelm your mind.

Whatever I think you need to succeed is IN the program, you can bet on that.


A:  Nope.  Your results are based on your actions.  I’m not even sure you need to lose weight.  I guarantee I will teach you what you need and support you to make sustainable behavior changes, including weight loss.  Whether you implement that or not is on you.  🙂

A:  I don’t have those.

This is the first time I’m doing this program.  I’m a life coach.  If you want to see those testimonials, go here.  And if you want to maybe be one of those before & after success stories, then join us and you might find yourself on the page going forward.  🙂

A:  Forev.  Once you pay for the program, it’s yours.  I’ll give you the ability to download them and access them until the end of time.

A:  What if it does?  Where has the “what if it doesn’t work for me?” thinking ever gotten anyone in life?  Nowhere except stuck in the current circumstances.

Worst case scenario, it’s not what you thought it would be, and you get your money back after 30 days.  No harm.  Best case scenario, it changes your life for $149.

A:  Yes, use away.  If you can help someone I’ll never know, that makes me happy.

Got more questions, email me directly at sean@coachseansmith.com and I’ll respond.

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