3 Phases of a Solid Coaching Business
Sean’s Near-Death Accident
What’s In The Foundations Course

The value received from this course was ten times the investment at minimum. Within the first month I landed my first coaching client! I’ve been able to learn not only the tools and strategies that world class coaches use, but I’ve developed a fundamental understanding of how people think, act, and behave. This isn’t your typical “fill in the blank” marketing program. Sean makes sure we understand why we are taking each approach, what happens in the brain of our clients when they buy from us, how to overcome self doubt and imposter syndrome. Working with Sean Smith has truly changed my life in unimaginable ways.

Candice Kelly

Q:  Is it even possible to build a successful coaching business nowadays with all the competition and/or crap online, if you’re NOT a hard-core marketer teaching marketing to marketers?

A:  Yes, you can absolutely still create a fulfilling, lucrative business by helping people live better lives.

But Toto…

Things are not like they used to be.  In fact, nowhere near like they used to be.

Why does that matter?  Because the things that used to work aren’t working anymore.  And if you try to follow the blueprints of the MARKETERS TEACHING MARKETING TO MARKETERS, it’s even worse because those blueprints are mostly based on what used to work.

The coaching industry has changed.  The internet has changed.  Marketing has changed.  Social media has changed.

People have ch