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      Inner GPS - Audio

The purpose of a GPS is to help us navigate through the unfamiliar. They let us know where we are in our journey and whether we are following the best route to arrive at our intended destination. Using a GPS when traveling in your car can be a great thing, but often we want our life to look just like the GPS map, especially when it comes to success, goals, and personal development.

Since we want the smooth, familiar, comfortable path; we begin to expect it. Since we expect it, we begin demanding we be able to navigate through our lives with ease; avoiding traffic jams and road-blocks. We expect to bypass anything that feels painful, difficult, and super emotional. We want the clear, predictable, comfortable, easy route to our goals, dreams, and ultimate success.

But the problem is, “There is no familiar path to an unknown territory.”

Instead of relying on any external sources to validate where you are and confirm where you are going, I’ll teach you how to use your internal GPS to guide you on the path to your dreams.

The reason life feels hard and challenging is because you give-a-damn. Conflict can only happen with two opposing forces, so if you are feeling an internal challenge, it means you give-a-damn about something that has an obstacle between you and it. If we don’t plug into our give-a-damn, we rob ourselves of the experience of knowing what we have inside of us.

Pain is the very thing most people are trying to run from, but it is a required ingredient to have everything you want in life. As we become more aware, we actually become more connected to our bodies, which is where the pain is experienced.

If we run from the pain, we’re living a life of fear because the only thing we can do is try to avoid the triggers that create the pain. We think the problem is in the self but it’s actually in the covering up of the self.

What’s the answer? Dive in. The key is not to run from your pain but to love the entire human experience and pain is just part of that experience.

Self is the internal source. That’s the perspective that we need to live our lifetime looking through. The most sacred experience we can give ourselves while here on this planet is to know ourselves, to know our soul. Knowing yourself is the only way to know what you need in order to get what you want and you’ll know what you want because you know yourself.

Trust what your body is telling you rather than what your mind is telling you. The intellect is great at navigation, not intuition. Using these two entities appropriately will allow both to be happy. These two things just need to be ordered properly and used in conjunction with each other, not in constant conflict with each other.