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      Environments - Audio

Many people are trying to assess their life as a whole and make improvements “overall” . This does not work because there are multiple, individual environments that make up your world. These environments are operating all of the time and they are impacting every area of your life . Your environments are stronger & more influential than your willpower and they are either fueling you and your success or they are weighing you down and depleting your energy.

When we decide we’re ready to make a change in our life, this decision is often accompanied by a bold declaration, fueled by short-term motivation. This is great, but the problem is, that kind of motivation is not sustainable.

An honest assessment of the environments operating in your life and the influence these environments have on your happiness and self-esteem is key to making long-lasting changes.

There are 10 environments that impact your life :

Our belief system is the center of the rest of your environments and directly surrounding you is your belief system. No matter where we look in the world, we are looking through the lenses of our belief system. We see our beliefs everywhere and they are the innermost lenses we wear. At an unconscious level, we are trying to prove our beliefs correct. Our subconscious’s highest priority is to keep us safe and all of our beliefs are designed with our safety in mind.

The spiritual environment is our personal connection to whatever we believe “spirit” is. The key piece in assessing this environment is our connection to spirit, not our understanding of it or whether we practice the specific teachings of our individual religion.

Self is how we relate to and feel about ourselves internally, our self esteem, our head talk, however we relate to ourselves.

Core relationships are the ones that influence us the most. For most people it’s close friends and family, but not always. Think about the people you get the most support from.

Network is everyone else that you know. You are connected to many different networks and a lot of the networks are categorized by the roles that you play in your life. A subcategory of your network is your support team. Your support team is a private coach, a mentor, mastermind group, accountability partner, and live events. The more of those you have, the more support you have and the better this environment is working for you.

Money is the most slippery environment. Sometimes you have a belief that is specific to money and other times (more often) there is an overall belief like “I’m not good enough” and money is a representation of that.

Body is our relationship to our physical body. Most people don’t understand how critical this is. When we are irritated with our body, we are bathing in that irritation 24/7.

Physical surroundings include everything that surrounds you. It’s important to surround yourself with energy as well as visuals that inspire you instead of expire you.

Nature includes how we relate to and experience the outdoors. For some people, this is about spending time doing outdoor activities, for others it’s more about a spiritual connection to Mother Earth and her energy.

My invitation is to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in each of these individual environments. Oftentimes we don’t love the numbers and we allow our ego to rate us higher than we believe is true. Please don’t do this. One of the first steps in change is honestly assessing and embracing what is. When we pretend the negative environment isn’t there, we give it control over us. We are a victim of an environment we aren’t real about.

If you want your experience of life to expand, you will have to change the environments that make up your life. We do this by isolating each environment individually and upleveling them with intention. With vague plans, the best we can hope for is vague results. Long-lasting change isn’t achieved through a moment of hyped up motivation followed by a bold declaration. Doing this work with our environments offers us a tangible way to increase the intangible and have our success, happiness, and fulfillment be the by-products of us creating new, controllable, sustainable habits.