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      Tapping Into Your Purpose - Audio

Purpose is a nebulous conversation. Most people in personal development have heard of the importance of ‘finding their purpose’, but they don’t know how, or if they do, they don’t know if what they’ve come up with is ‘right’.

On this call we break down the concept of purpose and I share my thoughts on how you can tap into your personal purpose and allow your passion to pull you toward your dreams.

What is the purpose of purpose? Purpose has three main purposes:

Inspiration to act.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you need a reason to act. If you don’t do your work, no one is going to come into your office and fire you. If you do your work well, no one is going to give you a raise or recognition. So, in your entrepreneurial container, if you don’t have a purpose, there’s no reason to act. When we are tapped into our purpose, we will be inspired to take intentional action.

It gives us a guide for our decisions.

If we know what our purpose is, we have a sense of what we are here to do on the planet while we are here to do it. From that place, every choice we make will either be toward or away from our purpose. We don’t always know the outcome of our choices when we make them, but in the moment, we can make our choice with the intention of moving toward our purpose.

It inspires others

When someone is driven by their purpose, we want to be around them, and we want to get what they have. If you are a leader, you have influence over other people. Being tapped into your purpose helps inspire others to be tapped into theirs.

There is a distinction between the soul’s purpose and the mind’s purpose. The mind’s purpose is to achieve goals. Achieving goals is satisfying to the intellect, but it’s not satisfying to the soul. In order to fulfill the soul, giving us the experience of joy and happiness and a life well lived, we have to fulfill our soul’s purpose.