What to Say, What to Do & How to Be

When it comes to sales & recruiting, or anything, for that matter, my best advice is this: Live in possibility.  No matter what you’ve experienced up until this point, it can all change if you open yourself up mentally, energetically, emotionally and physically.  When you do that, you can achieve or attract something bigger.

In addition to living in possibility, do your best to suspend your disbelief so you don’t repel the things that can make a significant shift for you.  These 3 letters can create that shift, if you allow it: A.R.T.


A is all about what to say, and my advice is say ANYTHING!  Open your mouth and make words come out.  Get into a conversation because that’s where the connection occurs, and connections are what you need for success in sales & recruiting.

If you’re wanting to approach someone you don’t know, there’s no need to overcomplicate it.  Say hi.  Give them a compliment.  Ask them a question based in curiosity.  

If you want my advice on whether or not you should you use a script, the answer is:  It depends.  If scripts open you up and allow you to have positive energy during the interaction, then yes, use scripts!  However, if scripts take your personality out of the interaction, cause you to feel nervous, or generally don’t allow you to connect with others, then don’t use them!

Scripts or no scripts, whatever you say, say it with a smile.  Physically and energetically talk to people from that happy place.  Most people are missing joy, happiness & passion in their lives, so when you share yours they will take notice.  You will stand out and be memorable.

Now that you know what to say to be memorable, let’s look at what to do.


R describes what to do, and that is RELATE.  If you don’t relate to people, they won’t relate to you, and your sales & recruiting will suffer.  

There are 2 ways to relate:

1 – Create the connection of rapport.  Rapport is an energetic trust based on a connection with someone.  There are 3 ways to create rapport:

a – Eye contact – intentionally and warmly look people in the eyes.  The eyes are the window to the soul.

b – Body language – keep it open & inviting, squared up to the person you’re talking to, hands visible, etc.

c – Voice – use appropriate tones, tempo & volume.  Use a caring voice, avoiding sharp tones.  Adjust your tempo to the person you’re talking to – slow down or speed up to more closely match their style.  Vary your volume to mirror the person you’re talking with; speak more softly or louder depending on their tendencies.

2 – Create connection in relationships.  In direct sales, it’s not individual dialogues or one time conversations, even when you are selling & recruiting.  It’s about serving and creating relationships with others.

When you know what to say and what to do, then you con focus on how to be.


T talks about how to be, and it’s all about being TRANSPARENT.  This doesn’t mean people can see through you, but that people can see you are being open & honest and thus, they can trust you.

Trust is one of the missing elements in modern society, and it is built on transparency.  When you are transparent, you are energetically open, honest, real and coming from a place of love.  When you operate your business from love, people feel it.  

So take a moment to check in: do you still love your business?  Are you loving everything in your business?

Love drives business results!

In this business, the same thing that creates everything good also creates everything that’s bad – people.  We can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves and our experience.  Yet we need other people to successfully sell & recruit, so try saying ANYTHING, do your best to RELATE, and stay TRANSPARENT to create good experiences for all.  

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