It is absolutely possible for you to build a coaching business where people are so attracted to you, and your message is landing with them in such a congruent way, that they can’t not hire you!

And yet, there are a lot of coaches who are struggling because they don’t understand what it really takes to succeed in this industry.

You only need 3 things to get clients and begin making money as a coach.

BUT, you have to do them in the right order.

The 3 things you need to start making money and getting clients are:

  1. A conversation
  2. A clear offer
  3. Certainty

This is the way your prospects will experience the process of becoming a client.  They will engage in a conversation with you where an offer is made and their decision to hire you or not, will be based primarily on the certainty they feel from you.

The truth is, when it comes time to say yes or no to an offer, the most critical, unconscious factor your prospect will be assessing is your certainty.

Now, even though we experience the process in this order, it is NOT the way we should build it for our coaching business.

The process needs to be created in REVERSE order.

  1. Certainty
  2. A clear offer
  3. A conversation

My advice, especially if you are a new coach or a coach who has not yet created the success and stability you are wanting in your business, is to focus where it matters the most.  Certainty in yourself, certainty in your skills, certainty in your seeker, and certainty in the core elements of your business. These things must come first.

Now, as you’re going about achieving your certainty, what you need to understand is the coaching industry is different than professions like law, medicine, or therapy; the coaching industry has no set guidelines or regulations that must be met before we are allowed to practice.

If you are stuck because you are struggling with which coaching curriculum to choose, wondering which one is best or most reputable, or which one will be the most recognizable philosophy, please remember this:  From your potential client’s perspective, there are no requirements when it comes to your certification as a coach.

Clients don’t know the various certification options are out there.  Clients have challenges and they want help. That’s it.

People don’t hire certifications, people hire certainty. 

I suggest you DO go through a certification program, but for the sake of your certainty.

And, if your endgame is certainty, you must decide which curriculum is best for YOU based upon what is going to help you create the impact you want to make in the world.

So, instead of asking, “Which certification program will be most recognizable?” you must ask yourself, “Is this certification going to help me do the work I want to do?”  

This is one of the reasons we offer free, private one-on-one consultations & strategy sessions.  Book a call with one of our certified coaches and allow us to support you.

We know that when it comes to building a business, the most important thing is the marketer, not the marketing.

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