The truth is, most people in the coaching industry are struggling. One of the main reasons for the struggle is because they are spending the bulk of their money, time, and energy on the wrong thing. Either the wrong thing for them entirely, or the right thing, but in the wrong order.

Too many coaches are collecting an abundance of “how to” information, but not putting any of the collected information into motion. The only way to get results, specifically in an industry like coaching that requires growth, is to implement.

This journey is not about learning how to succeed; it is about earning your success.

Coaches are trying to learn how to succeed by focusing on strategies and funnels and the right business plan. We think because we have found a “how to” piece of the puzzle, we are automatically guaranteed success. But if we don’t implement the “how to”, there is no point in acquiring the knowledge.

Knowledge unimplemented is ignorance. Not only is it ignorance, the unimplemented knowledge becomes dangerous because as it builds, it creates internal pressure, tension, and anxiety.

If we take the shortcut to success, even if we achieve our goals, we haven’t earned the success.  And, if we haven’t earned our way there through our implementation, we will not stay there.

The intellect thinks if we are failing, it is due to an information deficit and therefore believes that in order for us to succeed, we must need more information. Because of this belief, we keep searching for newer, better information. But, the problem is, we haven’t implemented the information we already had. So, the internal pressure, tension, and anxiety continue to build.

The main reason for our lack of implementation is a lack of individualized information.

So, as a coach, what should you be investing in?

Anything that will offer you individualized information that you can implement.

  • If you’re not implementing, you’re not learning.
  • If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.
  • If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Individualized information is imperative, specifically in the coaching industry, for a couple of reasons…

  1. The most important and essential ingredient of a business is the product.  Without a product, there is no business.
  2. The most critical element of the operation of the business is what I call the production team – the team in charge of making all of the decisions, executing the plans, coming up with the strategies, etc.

In the coaching world, especially when you are a new coach or in the early stages of building your business, YOU are both of those things.  You are the product and you are the one making all of the business decisions. If you make up the 2 most important ingredients in your business, investing in anything that removes YOU from the process is a huge mistake.  The thing that will cause your business to succeed is not removing, but improving the 2 most important elements.

What most of us are doing is investing in generalized information, based on our deficiencies. If you are trying to build a coaching business that starts with fixing you as the problem or avoiding all of your imperfections, you are doomed. The foundation of your business is YOU.  In this coaching market, you need to embrace who you are, not avoid who you are.

So, as a coach, what should you be investing in?

Whatever you need individually.

Your value as a coach comes from who you are and your unique experiences. Once we uncover the value in you as the product, from there we can find the business plan and strategies for you, the product.

If you are ready to ignite the passion inside you, tap into your value, and uncover the thing that is uniquely yours, we are here for you!  Book your private one-on-one session with a certified coach now. There is no cost to you or commitment required.

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