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      Love is in the A.I.R. - Audio

As the “month of love” has come to an end, you’ll want to listen to the February call, “Love is in the A.I.R.”

This call addresses major issues in relationships and how to return to Authenticity, discover things of highest Importance to you, and how we relate in Relationships.

Because love is such a simple concept it gets either missed or dismissed and sometimes both simultaneously. We spend time trying to solve problems, resist temptations and play with the symptoms, when really there are only two states we can be in: love and “not love.”

When we are in “not love” we are angry, in pain, and are seeking external approval.

When we are in the state of love we are giving, we are present, and we are empathic.

While it may not be easy to keep the “love switch” on, it is possible to shift states easily.

Authenticity… it is only EVERYTHING. When you are authentic, you are in the love state. Everything that is not authentic is protection, learned behavior, running away from who we are or protecting who we are. We often show up in relationships as the “not me” version of ourselves and expect someone to fill the void or protect their partner from seeing the void.

Importance… Relationships determine most of our happiness and yet the majority people don’t have the guts to treat it with any level of importance. We often spend more time researching the cars we buy, the homes we purchase and the vacations we go on. Our values are important, let’s treat them that way.

Relationship… Relate is a verb, relationship is a noun. The relating inside the relationship is the most important thing. Relating has movement and motion and control and has different perspectives. We want to look at how each one of us relates to all the components and elements of the relationship. How do we relate to love, being loved, sharing and showing love?

People focus on love languages and personality styles. People don’t focus on how we relate to and how we handle conflict. All relationships have conflict. How you relate to the idea of conflict, define conflict, if you’re afraid of conflict, are all super important in a relationship. Listen to the call and let me know your thoughts!