How do you limit yourself? How do you hold yourself back?


Our limitations are based on beliefs we have – beliefs about ourselves, the world, other people, success, etc. These beliefs, generally created in childhood, can turn into head talk that often severely limits our ability to enjoy life and create success.  However, even though those beliefs may be negative now, they were created to protect you in the first place. Unfortunately, when we outgrow the need for protection, we also outgrow our beliefs, but that doesn’t mean they change. In fact, the beliefs then become a burden and often cause us to get stuck.

We have to do some work to change those beliefs, and the work isn’t hard when you’re willing, but it becomes hard if you’re afraid to let go of your excuses. Let’s look at what you can do if you’re willing to let go of the excuses and limitations:


List the limitations. Write it out, by hand, with paper and pen. Write down your fears and what you feel limits you. The more clarity you have on the actual belief, the better. When you write it down, it allows you to have more clarity and gives you conscious awareness of the belief you want to challenge. This act alone can take away some of the power of the limiting belief.


Invert it. Example: “I am not good enough” becomes “I am good enough.” This may feel uncomfortable and it may also feel like it’s not doing anything, but it’s an important step to give clarity on what you want your belief to be.


Mind-shift. This is where most of the work is done. This is where the transformation occurs, and you might need help to get this done.  While you have the internal resources you need to make the change, you’re really just too close to the problem to do it on your own. “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein


Integrate. If and when you experience a shift, you still have access to your old habits, beliefs, patterns and behaviors. So you’ve got to nurture new habits and beliefs. Continue noticing when the old stuff comes back, and practice putting your new beliefs and habits in motion to make them stronger. Don’t beat yourself up when old habits or beliefs come back; be loving, gentle and encouraging with yourself when you fall back, because it happens.


Trust. This is a BIG word with many applications, but in this context, trust the world.  Trust God or whatever higher power you believe in, or simply trust the universe. Trust that your own life experiences are perfect for you and right now you are where you are meant to be. Everything you’ve experienced has happened for your benefit and growth. Growth comes from pain, adversity and failure. And know that when you work on eliminating one limiting belief, there’s often another one underneath ready to take it’s place. Then you get to work on that. Trust the process. Trust yourself. It’s all working to your benefit even when it sucks and you want it to stop, so keep going. Don’t wait until you’re ready or no longer afraid – that time won’t come. Trust that now is the time to limit your limitations.

Letting Go

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