The game has changed, the people have changed, the market has changed, and the rules have changed.

My prediction is that if we, as coaches, do not play by the new rules, we will not be successful.

People today are highly distracted.  We have constant access to a ton of information and we live in an age where we can have anything we want brought right to us.

There is so much traffic on the digital highway and the competition is fierce.  Marketers are competing on the frontlines in all types of media, and it’s causing people to be bombarded by messages. Consumers are getting so much thrown at them as marketers vye for their attention.

Attention is the scarcest resource.

In order to build a business, we as marketers have to understand that we can no longer simply focus on how we can get a person’s interest, we must first get their attention.

People have been bombarded for so long that their attention span is really short.  We are literally being programmed in the digital realm to be addicted to different platforms, to not be present, and to consume information constantly.

This programming has changed the essence of the consumer.

As a marketer, if you want to attract consumers because you want to teach them something or sell them something, your first priority has to be to get their attention.

But, what most marketers are focused on is how to get people interested in what they have to offer. We play with our program titles, we focus on how we are going to sell them, how we are going to nurture them, etc.  The focus is on what are we going to do with them once we get them, but first we’ve got to get them, and before we get them, we must get them to pay attention.

When we consider the fact that people are feeling attacked by the advertising that is following them online along with the constant bombardment of information, we can begin to understand why consumers are armoring up and retreating.

Additionally, people are skeptical because most of them have been taken advantage of or disappointed by marketers and as a result, they are colliding with our message in a distrusting & armored up state.

So, the question becomes, how do we get through to them?  How do we get them to slow down and listen? How do we pierce their armor?

The way we get their attention is truth.  

Not truth from a right or wrong standpoint, that’s informational truth.

I’m talking about energetic truth, real human truth.

Part of that is trust and transparency.

When we are sharing our message, we must show up transparently and truthfully.  In this new world, that is the only way we will earn their trust.

When the armored up human that has been disappointed hears a different message, they will pay attention.  We will pierce their armor when we meet it with a different voice than they’ve ever heard before.

What we must understand, specifically as coaches with the desire to help people, is that the current market is DEMANDING our truth and transparency.

Any of us doing this coaching work have to earn and COMMAND respect with our transparency verses DEMANDING respect through our attempts to impress consumers with our intellect, beautiful websites, and perfect copy.

Truth, trust, and transparency will be the new currency in this online, digital world.  And the good news is, this isn’t a question of ability. It’s a question only of permission and willingness.

Let me know your thoughts below.