If you want to learn how to become a life coach, especially in transformational life coaching, I’ll here are the 7 high level steps.

After 12 years in the life coaching industry, I’ve seen every template, model, philosophy & blueprint there is, and I will synthesize all the confusing information into a simple foundational game plan you can follow to build a successful coaching business. Most coaches are not following these foundational steps, they are looking for shortcuts, quick fixes, cookie cutter approaches or other B.S. ways to “hack” success in this industry. Those will never work long term. Stick to these foundational truths.

You’ll be glad you did.

1) DESIRE – You have to have the desire to commit to this industry, coming from a place of service and wanting to help others change their lives. Coaching is unique because YOU are the product, so all the normal business challenges and fears will be multiplied at least 100x!

2) COMPETENCE – Like any industry, you have to learn the tools of the trade by getting a life coach certification online or in person (my suggestion). In transformational coaching especially, there’s a LOT to learn! And unfortunately, because the industry is so focused on quickly making money as a life coach, there’s not enough focus on being a GOOD COACH! Great marketing and more website traffic or social media strategies won’t sustain a low quality coaching product.

3) CERTAINTY – This is the biggest missing piece of the industry. If you don’t have a deeply rooted conviction in your abilities to help people, they will feel it and they’ll never buy your services. For a deeper dive into the certainty discussion, watch this video: https://youtu.be/XaeVuLvHsxE

4) SEEKER – Identify your seeker, or your ideal client. Who is already seeking the knowledge you want to teach? This is the most important marketing step, but most coaches don’t do it properly so they constantly struggle. For a longer training on that discussion, go here: http://coachseansmith.com/identify-yo…

5) GET IN FRONT OF THEM – This is simple, go where they are. Instead of trying to change their buying patterns, get in the pathway that they’re already traveling and into the thoughts that they’re already thinking. It’s much easier to go with the flow of your market than trying to change people.

6) GIVE THEM AN EXPERIENCE – Instead of selling them an expectation, give them something they can actually feel. The world is sick and tired of buying and then being disappointed in purchasing the expectations they’ve been sold for years and years now. They’ve become suspicious and don’t trust marketers generally. Because of that, we have to give them something they can trust because they’ve experienced it already.

7) OFFER THEM MORE – Invite them to continue with more of what they just experienced. They understand the value you provide, so it’s a no brainer for the right person to continue by purchasing your products or services. All the other marketing details depend on what type of business you want to build, what your market will be, your own unique skills & strengths, etc. Don’t search for the strategies without a solid foundation.

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