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      Redefining Feminine Leadership - Audio

When I speak about the “feminine”, I am not talking about woman/man in terms of gender, but about the feminine and masculine energies.

Masculine energy is not exclusively male, but most men are programmed to be masculine. The masculine energy is committed to the protection of life, performance, results, hunting, and providing. It is necessary, pure, powerful and healthy… Until it is wounded.

The feminine energy is powerful in its way. It’s more rooted in creation, intuition, love, and flow. While masculine energy is very rigid with boundaries, feminine energy is more creative, artistic, inviting, embracing, and understanding.

When the masculine energy is wounded, it tends to view the feminine energy as a threat to its adequacy, validity, and its ability to perform, provide, and protect.

In reality, the masculine and feminine complement each other and work together beautifully, like a yin and yang relationship. They don’t take from one another or overlap; they perform two completely different and necessary roles in each of us individually and in society at large.

When it comes to leadership, the masculine is driven by results and revolves around competition and comparison. Me vs You. Whoever is the strongest, the fastest, and outperforms everyone else is seen as the leader of the tribe. The masculine not only wants to be the best, it also wants to be recognized as the best.

When the wounded masculine is leading, it will attempt to dominate and control other people to feel more powerful and/or control any perceived threat as to not lose its authority. This desperate fight for power and control is disruptive and it is a dangerous, unsafe form of leadership. Driven by its need for power and control, the wounded, unhealthy masculine leadership believes that for one person to be a leader, other people need to be dominated.

Feminine leadership doesn’t understand competition and separation because that is not what it is fueled by. The feminine energy is driven by the collective. It’s more interested in cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation.

These differences are why we are struggling to understand each other. Both the masculine and feminine energies are simply coming from their perspectives of the world and unfortunately, there isn’t a lot being done to reconnect the two.

When you look around in our society and the conversations we are having in our communities, they are not super inviting, connecting conversations. They are very much about separation, right and wrong, Us vs Them and all that is doing is pushing each of us away into our separate corners. Our need for protection has us clinging to the things we trust and that which feels familiar to us.

My desire is for our society to redefine what leadership is, what success is, what power is, and reassess what our desired outcomes are.

The feminine energy knows that separation is an illusion. It knows that we are more similar than we are different and is not interested in arguing over our differences to determine which one of us is better than the other. The feminine energy is more interested in collective power than it is in fighting over individual power. The feminine is about Me AND You, not Me vs You.

When operating from the collective power, we see that both energies are equally beautiful and valid.

As long as there are two sides, the battle will perpetuate. The truth is, we are one. We are aligned. What the masculine needs to remember is that it draws its pure divine power from the feminine. The masculine strengthens the feminine, the feminine strengthens the masculine, the masculine protects the feminine, and the feminine nurtures the masculine protection. When the masculine begins to see the feminine power as complementary and not competitive then it will no longer feel threatened by her presence.

What society needs is for women to stop trying to play the game of the wounded masculine and instead, lead with their nurturing, motherly, feminine energy.
Instead of attacking back, coming at the runaway wounded masculine at the surface, what we need is for the feminine to rise from the roots.

There is masculine disruption at the surface. What we need is a feminine eruption from the bottom. We need to come from the soil, lead from our humanity, lead from the depths of the feminine spirit rooted in connection, love, acceptance, and sameness so we may rise together as one.