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      Disruption as a Catalyst for Change - Audio

Most people misinterpret the process of change and because they misinterpret the process, they mess it up.

The truth is, change requires disruption of the old.

We must understand that the things that are the MOST beneficial for us are usually met with significant resistance because while we have this deep soul desire to break free from our comfort zone, we also have an intellectual commitment to stay right where we are. It is that desire bumping up against the fear that produces the disruption.

We can intellectually understand the concept, “Everything you want in life is beyond your comfort zone.” And yet, it’s hard to live it. The internal struggle arises because as humans, we crave stability and control. So we are living a life where what we want creates what we don’t want.

What most people are trying to do is get to all the “good stuff” outside of their comfort zone so they can enjoy all the benefits of personal growth, but without going through any adversity.

When we look from our higher perspective, we can see that the walls of our comfort zone must come down in order for us to learn the lessons we need to learn and expand our container. However, when the walls come down there will be disruption. If we define the disruption as a catalyst for growth, creating the container for something bigger, it becomes easier to appreciate the disruption while it is happening.

Life is constantly giving us opportunities to expand our capacity, but frequently we are denying the opportunities because we don’t want the discomfort of the disruption.

While our brain is telling us to avoid the disruption at all costs, we need to understand that it’s attempt at protection is actually a rejection of the lessons required for our growth.

We want to be in control of our environments so we can stay safe. That is our brain’s number one priority — keep this human alive and safe. This is why it is so important for us to change our relationship to the disruption and learn to see it as a catalyst for change. If we don’t, our primal fear of self-preservation will win out every time. Changing our perspective will allow us to change our feelings toward the walls coming down and from our new perspective, we will actually begin craving the process in order to experience what is waiting for us on the other side of our comfort zone.