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I was nearly killed by my next-door neighbor when I was 13 years old in a horrible hit-and-run bicycle accident. I promised myself that I would never take life for granted and never settle for mediocrity. Yet that's exactly what I did for the next 20 years until I learned about the power of our belief system and how to make fundamental shifts in our minds, spirits and bodies. Today, my mission is to empower people to move beyond their internal obstacles so they can aggressively pursue their dreams with passion, purpose and presence. I've been building a speaking, training and coaching business for well over a decade now, and I find supreme fulfillment in helping new coaches create a business they love while serving the world with their unique message and gifts.

Love is in the A.I.R.

Love is in the A.I.R. - Audio As the “month of love” has come to an end, you’ll want to listen to the February call, “Love is in the A.I.R.” This call addresses major issues in relationships and how to return to Authenticity, discover things of highest Importance to you, and how we relate in [...]

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The $1M Business Model for Coaches

Most coaches want to create 6-figure or 7-figure incomes. Now, after a decade of research, Sean Smith has finally figured out the BEST business model for creating that kind of wealth. He wants to share with you the #1 business model to create a $1 Million coaching empire. Watch this short video for all [...]

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Which Life Coaching Certification Do I Need?

There are 5 main criteria I suggest you use when deciding on the right life coaching certification program.  Part of building a successful business is deciding on the right credential. First things first, you absolutely need one.  To watch the full discussion about the 4 big benefits of a certification, read this post.This [...]

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Life Coach Certification – Do I Need One?

Do you really NEED a Life Coach Certification to have a successful business? It's a very common question. Especially, if you are in transformational coaching or NLP coaching, the answer is absolutely… NO! And YES! After over 12 years in the transformational coaching industry, I’ve been in this certification conversation [...]

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How to Become a Life Coach in 7 Steps

If you want to learn how to become a life coach, especially in transformational life coaching, I'll here are the 7 high level steps. After 12 years in the life coaching industry, I’ve seen every template, model, philosophy & blueprint there is, and I will synthesize all the confusing information [...]

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