Certainty is arguably the most important foundational element in your coaching business. Once you have certainty, the clients, income, and success you desire will show up with greater ease.

When it comes to creating coaching certainty, there are 6 main ingredients:

  1. Being a client – If you have not said YES to a private coaching package, it will be really difficult for you to offer anyone else a private coaching package.  If you’re not a product of the product, it’s going to be almost impossible for you to have advocacy when it comes to explaining to your prospects why they should say yes to coaching.  If you haven’t said yes to coaching then you don’t know what it’s like to complete a coaching program and/or experience the transformations that occur inside of a coaching program.  If you have not hired a coach, there will be an energetic misalignment your prospects will feel when they speak with you about hiring you as their coach.
  2. Intellectual learning – This is the curriculum, the “How to Coach”.  As we are learning a new skill and/or growing into new levels in our coaching business, it is important for us to learn techniques, concepts, and coaching exercises.
  3. Intellectual implementation – This ingredient is super important because if all you do is learn the tools, skills, and exercises, while you might intellectually understand them, you might not know how to use them. The intellectual learning is important, but then you’ve got to implement.  Implementation looks like practice.  Practice coaching sessions are one of the best ways to get the knowledge in motion and increase your understanding.
  4. Embodied implementation – In order for knowledge to get into your body, we must go a level deeper.  Embodiment requires more than just practice, it requires us to bathe in the curriculum and bathe in the transformation.  That usually comes from attending live events that are specifically designed to give us the embodied implementation.  Events that are structured for you to not only SEE what’s possible, but FEEL what’s possible.  Live events where you are DOING the work, looking in other people’s eyes, and you’re having the work done on you.  THAT experience is what is required for anyone who wants embodied confidence. In order for that level of certainty to happen, you have to be willing to get into the work by diving into the bathtub of transformation.
  5. Community support – Encouragement is critical.  I cannot overemphasize the importance of community.  Knowing that other people are having similar challenges or questions as you go through your coaching journey can open your eyes to new perspectives, possibilities, and ideas.  The collective journey of a community in the context of learning how to be a good coach is immensely powerful.
  6. Structured implementation – If you want to become magnetic with a level of certainty that people want to say yes to, a certainty that draws people in and pulls your ideal client toward you, that demands a whole new level of embodiment.  You must implement in a structured way with consistency, feedback, dissection and studying. Without a structured path of implementation to follow, most of us will go back to our normal routines and patterns, even if we’ve got community support and we attended a live event with embodied implementation.  The longer it takes you to implement your knowledge, the more quickly it will leave your body and the harder it becomes to get back on the path.

Each of these ingredients are important.  If you are missing one, it WILL slow you down.  If you have been wondering, “Why are people not hiring me?” I can virtually promise you, one or more of these elements are missing.

In the early stages of building your coaching business or entering a new phase in your coaching business, these 6 ingredients are the majority of the work.  Once you do this foundational work, offering your services becomes much easier.

In the beginning, it might feel like an uphill curve, but if you keep doing the work and you add these 6 elements of certainty, that hill is going to even out and then it will start to go down a little bit.

That is the moment where business gets fun and things get easier.  That’s when you experience momentum, flow, and magnetism. And that is when the clients, income, and success you desire show up with greater ease.

Coaching is amazing and it can provide so much fulfillment.  You can create profits and you can build a massively successful business.  I promise, if you stay committed to foundation, you will astound yourself with what you can accomplish and the transformations you can provide for other people.

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