5 Tips to Be a More Confident Speaker in Direct Sales

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5 Tips to Be a More Confident Speaker in Direct Sales

I used to be afraid to speak in public.  I was afraid of forgetting my lines, telling a joke that bombed, or being judged by the audience.  I know the game you face when it comes to talking with others, and I know how to help because I’ve studied and learned and worked hard to find what works.

I’ve boiled it down to these 5 tips to help you become a more confident speaker & communicator, especially as it applies to your direct sales business.  Becoming a better speaker is an important part of your business – because it will allow you to captivate and attract people in your business the right way.  It’s arguably THE BIGGEST FACTOR of whether you succeed or fail.

Here are 5 tips to help you succeed:

  1. Re-Label – If you’ve got stories about not being a good speaker or being afraid to speak public, it’s important to re-label those stories.  You aren’t afraid to speak in public – you’re afraid of the consequences of speaking in public – such as people judging you, rejecting you, etc.    As a result of those fears, when you get ready to speak in public, you might tell yourself how nervous or afraid you are, which only makes it worse.  Here’s where you can re-label your feelings because the human body experiences fear & excitement in the same way.  Re-label your emotions as excitement and it will shift your mindset in an empowering way, creating confidence.
  2. Relatable – When you’re speaking, you’ve got to be relatable.  Speakers often try to be too polished, but then people can’t see themselves in you and they’ll be less likely to join your business. You’ve got to show them they can do this, too!  If anyone thinks they can’t do what you’re doing, that’s ineffective.  There’s a point where you’re being effective as a communicator, and yet anything above that point (seeking perfection), is the land of diminishing returns.  Don’t seek polished perfection when you speak, instead be relatable.
  3. Relevant – It’s important to be relevant to your audience, or they’ll miss the message.  If you only share your story, they might not be swayed to take action.  If you ask open ended questions and engage them in your communication, you can find out what’s relevant to them.  Ask them to dream and imagine what it would be like if their life changed, so they will see your presentation through their perspective and experiences; then it will be relevant.
  4. Release – Here’s where you get to let go.  Release any rules or restrictions you have in your head about needing to do certain things or not do certain things as a speaker.  Focusing on rules causes you to be in your head too much – and that’s not what will connect you with others.  It will only connect you with your head, which is where your fears and limiting beliefs live, and you want to get away from them.  You also want to get away from speaking stiffly.  Release your body.  When you tense your body, that energy gets transferred to your audience.  Be more relaxed and your audience will be more relaxed and receptive to your message.
  5. Rely – You can rely on yourself.  You know how to speak to people, regardless of the situation.  Remember you’ve been communicating your entire life.  Don’t try to be a presenter or polished speaker.  Communicate from your heart to theirs – it will be captivating, connective, and people will hear you better.  Rely on your authenticity and you will be a great communicator.

Now you can take these 5 tips and fine tune your speaking skills to make a difference in your business.  And if you’re ready to receive coaching on how to do these things and more, I’m launching a training course where I’ll be diving much deeper into this and more.  I’ll be sharing how to be more confident, persuasive, influential communicator in every area of your business.

Your ability to communicate and connect is the most important factor and will be the biggest variable in your business success. 

So if you are ready to go deeper into connection and communication to build your business, click on the button below to get more information.

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I was nearly killed by my next-door neighbor when I was 13 years old in a horrible hit-and-run bicycle accident. I promised myself that I would never take life for granted and never settle for mediocrity. Yet that's exactly what I did for the next 20 years until I learned about the power of our belief system and how to make fundamental shifts in our minds, spirits and bodies. Today, my mission is to empower people to move beyond their internal obstacles so they can aggressively pursue their dreams with passion, purpose and presence. I've been building a speaking, training and coaching business for well over a decade now, and I find supreme fulfillment in helping new coaches create a business they love while serving the world with their unique message and gifts.


  1. Kelly October 11, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    Rely – “remember you’ve been communicating your entire life”.

    What if the person hasn’t? Seriously, many women haven’t. They have stayed in the shadows due to trauma as a young child. I’m seeing this a LOT!

    Just a thought… Might address this.

    • Bernie November 16, 2016 at 4:18 am

      Read my mind Kelly.

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