Motivation M.A.G.I.C.

There is MAGIC in motivation, or what that will keep you going when you need a little fuel:


This works for artistic creativity as well as business creativity – creating value, relationships, support, sales, opportunities for recruiting, and overall success.   

A Look at Motivation

Motivation is not what comes first, even though most of us want motivation to move us.  That’s theoretical motivation – emotions that move us without a foundation – which is a dangerous & unsustainable.  

In reality, action comes first.  Then you get results, and that can lead to motivation.  I’ve referred to this as ARM circles – Actions lead to Results which leads to Motivation, which leads back to Action.  

But when your Actions don’t generate the Results or outcomes you want, then it also generally does not create the Motivation you need to take more Action.  So it’s important to be able to have other ways to motivate yourself when Action isn’t the answer.  That’s where the MAGIC lies… 

M – Movement

If you’re not motivated, but want to be, one of the first things I recommend is movement.  I’m talking about physical movement.  Get up, get your body moving and it will activate your heart & mind, too.  This creates energy that will energize and motivate you!    

A – Appreciation 

When people aren’t feeling motivated, they are often caught up in thoughts of what’s wrong, what’s missing, or even what if’s.  However, those thoughts can be changed by acknowledging what you appreciate or can appreciate, even if you’re not feeling it at the moment.  

G – Giving 

If you’re not motivated to talk to people about your business, for example, you might be focusing on what you could gain from the conversation and create fear and other negative emotions.  However, if you focus on what you have to GIVE in that same scenario, it can shift you into a space of service, which is more motivating (& more effective!)  

I – Inspire 

I’m being literal here – I want you to INSPIRE, and by that I mean BREATHE!  Often when we’re not feeling motivated, we are barely breathing – our unconscious has taken over and is doing what it needs to survive.  But you don’t want to merely survive – that’s not a motivating space.  You want to THRIVE!  Take a BIG breath in and let it all out.  Do that at least 3 times and you’ll notice a difference immediately.  You’ll release tension, improve your posture, create more energy, be able to think clearer, and elevate your mood, etc. 

C – Create 

Motivation is something you can create.  We are all creative creatures.  Creativity helps us to come alive.  Whether it’s writing, dancing, drawing, designing, or whatever speaks to you, creativity can get and keep us motivated.  Your creativity doesn’t have to make you money, but it’s often what makes you happy.  Being happy helps you get motivated, too.  Tap into your creativity whenever you want to find motivation.  If you’re having trouble with tapping into creativity, my wife recently read and highly recommends Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, BIG Magic.  Funny enough, she hadn’t read it until after she gave me her initial suggestions for this call. =)

Go Work Your MAGIC!

If you would like help working your MAGIC, that’s where we work ours!  You can sign up for a complimentary consultation with one of our coaches here:  If you need options for a day or time that’s not offered, call our office or send us an email directly. 805-552-4423 Here’s to your Motivation MAGIC! ~ SS